Niche Site Update #5: The Friendly Panda

The internet marketing world is abuzz once again with the latest update to Google’s ranking algorithm.  Google has stated that this is an update to the dreaded Panda algo change, and it has hit a lot of IM’ers pretty hard.  Several of the good folks over at The Keyword Academy have stated that their incomes have been hit very hard for some of their established sites, particularly those that were created with the “old” TKA methods (i.e. mostly keyword-stuffed “fluff” articles).

So, how have my rankings done with the new algorithm? Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #4: Playing With Numbers for Profit

When you start getting emails from readers complaining about how long you’ve gone since posting, you’re doing something wrong on your blog.  Special thanks goes out to Galyna for shaming me into posting today’s update. 😉

Honestly, there was very little happening with my niches sites until about two weeks ago, so I just never got around to posting any updates.  The newest site hasn’t climbed much in the SERPs over the last two months, so there is nothing to report on that front.  The kids’ pets site has been holding steady at it’s #1 spot in Google, but the CTR for AdSense was horrible for the first month of serving up ads, and the average CPC for the site’s targeted keywords isn’t really worth writing home about.

The numbers I saw from the sites in late August and early September showed that I was getting steady traffic, but virtually no money.  It prompted me to make some improvements that turned out to be somewhat effective, if not exactly thrilling. Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #3: A Blast From the Not-So-Distant Past

I was hoping that my niche site updates would be all about how my newest niche site’s meteoric rise through the SERPs, right up to #1 in Google.  Of course, it has been less than two months since the launch of the site, so hitting #1 for even one of its primary keywords would have been incredibly lucky, to say the least.

So, no, this update isn’t to celebrate my newest niche site’s success.  Sure, it’s getting a trickle of natural, organic search engine traffic, and all four of it’s primary keyword phrases are on the first two pages of Google.  One is even on the first page, bouncing around between #6 and #8.  The simple fact, though,  is that I’ve got a while to go before the site will start getting enough traffic to produce passive income for me.

What has pleasantly surprised me, though, is that my second niche site,, hit #1 for its primary keyword phrase in Google while I was away on vacation.  It is also bouncing between #1 and #2 for the semantic equivalent phrase good pets for children.  I had taken AdSense off the site some time ago, as it was not getting any clicks and was dragging my CTR (Click-Thru Rate) down, which could lead to lower CPC (Cost per Click) rates on my newer site. Continue reading

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“Geriatric German Grandmas Spanking Spanish Men”, or An Exercise in SEO

Well, I’m back in town for a day before heading off again for two weeks, and I thought I would take a moment to try a fun little experiment in Search Engine Optimization before I go.  I want to see if I can get the #1 position in Google for the phrase “Geriatric German Grandmas Spanking Spanish Men” with purely on-page SEO methods.  That means absolutely no external backlinking.

I was perusing the forum over at The Keyword Academy and someone asked the question, “How much traffic should I expect from a website which I have sent 4100 links to?”  The question surprised me, as the person asking it is pretty successful already.  He already makes over $1000 a month in AdSense income.

The reason the question surprised me is that the poster didn’t give any of the information that the other forum members would actually need to answer it properly.  Without knowing the number of monthly searches that are being done for the site’s keyword phrases and long-tail variations or the nature of the competing websites for those phrases, it just isn’t possible to come up with even a ballpark estimate of the potential traffic.  The poster is totally fixated on a set number of backlinks, while he should be looking at a significantly larger picture. Continue reading

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Vacation From My Vacation

Well, I am about to leave town for about three weeks, so there will be no updates to the blog until sometime around the middle of August.  I will return, though, and I hope that I can report some positive updates about my niche site when I get back.

Until then, I apologize for any emails that go unread and comments that remain in limbo.

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Niche Site Update #2: A Trickle of Income Already

My First Click

Early this week, my new niche site got its very first AdSense ad click.  While $0.42 is nothing to get too excited over, it came from only the tenth person to reach the site through an organic search in Google.  I will definitely need to get a a much larger sample of visitors before I can get an accurate idea of what the average click-through rate (CTR) is going to be for the site, but at least I know that my ads are placed where people are looking at them.  I’d love to get a CTR of 5% or higher on this site once the traffic starts coming in, and I think the AdSense ads so far have been relevant enough to the searchers that I will be able to achieve that goal.

Long-Tail Traffic

The site is already drawing organic search traffic every day, even without any of its primary keywords showing up on the first or second page of Google’s search results.  People are definitely searching for this kind of info on a regular basis, and it will be awesome when I succeed at tapping into that traffic stream.  I’m going to be very focused on getting those first-page Google rankings!  That, of course, means lots and lots of link building. Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #1: Long-Tail Organic Traffic Already

I will attempt to post updates about the performance of my newest niche site every Friday.  This is a public test of the methods and tools provided by The Keyword Academy, a subscription-based service designed to teach users to build a passive income of at least $1000 per month online.

The Site Is Live

Let me start off by saying that my keyword selection process was much more refined this time around than it had been for my last two attempts at creating niche websites, thanks to the instructional material and tools offered by The Keyword Academy.  I began my search by picking a few broad, one-word terms and feeding them into the Google Keyword Tool.  After Google returned a list of suggestions (several hundred of them), I then took that list and fed it back through the tool, one hundred phrases at a time.  The final result was a list of about 5,400 keyword phrases.

Continue reading

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Testing The Keyword Academy

As I said in one of my posts back in March, I am currently trying out The Keyword Academy.  I have not produced any content along their suggested guidelines since joining, so I can’t yet testify for or against their advice.

What I can do is share my experience of going through their process with you.  A recent addition to the instructional materials has convinced me that the methods TKA advocates are very workable, and that I have the potential to generate a lot of keyword-targeted content quickly.  Additionally, TKA has some very sensible, practical (at least as far as I can tell) methods for SEO backlinking strategies that don’t involve horrible link-spamming on garbage blogs with companies like SEO Blueprint.  I like the idea of doing my link building right along with content creation, as opposed to the massive backlink bombs I’ve seen advocated so many times.  I have seen with my other sites that manual, content-based link building can be easier, cheaper, and more effective than trying to shortcut the process with automated tools. Continue reading

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Thin Site, No Backlinks… and #2 in Google?!

For anyone who follows my blog, it’s obvious that I’ve been less in the mode of “working had” and more in the mode of “hardly working” so far this summer.  For some reason I have been just plain lazy since college let out.  I haven’t been working much on my blog or niche sites, or even bothered getting myself a part-time job for crying out loud!

I could chalk it up to burnout from school, but the reality is that being lazy for a couple of months was what I really wanted to do (though I wouldn’t admit it until now).  I said I wanted to be really productive.  I said I wanted to update my blog regularly and produce a lot of niche site content.  When it came right down to it, though, I put relaxing at the top of my to-do list, and it shows.

I think it’s out of my system for now, though.  I’ve been getting bored and stir-crazy, so I will (hopefully) use this as an opportunity to kick my sorry behind back into gear.  And this time, I have one really cool incentive to motivate me: One of my niche websites, Good Pets For Kids, has hit #2 in Google for its exact primary keyword! Continue reading

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Some Active Income, and the Coming of Summer

First off, let me apologize to anyone who follows the blog for how long it has been since I’ve posted an update.  The last three weeks have absolutely crazy for me.  Between being sick and being bombarded with classwork now that the semester is coming to an end, I have not made any progress on my passive income business, so updates would have been purely personal.  I’m trying to focus on making fewer personal posts, and keeping them more focused on my business ventures.

Two events have occurred to add a little black ink to my financial records, although certainly not enough to get the overall business out of the red quite yet.  The first is that I did successfully receive a refund for $67 from the company that provided the Blog Blueprint service.  It may not seem like a lot of money, but it’s significant for someone whose goal is to build a profitable venture with an initial capital budget of $1000 like me.The second bit of good financial news is that I got my first BlueHost web hosting affiliate commission yesterday! It wasn’t really passive income, though… Continue reading

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