A Prediction

My garlic site appears to be dropping slowly in the ranks again, just like it did before.  I have a feeling it will repeat the trend it had last time, sliding steadily downward until it slips below the top 200 in all five of its ranked keyword phrases.  I predict that it will stay off the radar completely for a few days, then return with at least one of the five phrases breaking onto the first page of Google for the first time.  It’s a bold prediction, but Blog Blueprint and Article Blueprint have been steadily creating backlinks for me, and those backlinks should start showing up in Google’s database with a fury in the next few days.  The anchor text is really well targeted, unlike most of my competitors’ links (mostly very generic terms like “here”, or “this site”).  When the Google Dance swings me back into the search results, that concentrated link juice should bump me up a few spots.

We’ll see how well this prediction pans out for me. 😉

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