Dragging my feet a little…

So, I have not been as productive in the first week of the new year as I had hoped and planned.  I started the year off with what should have been a very productive 3-day weekend, but some stomach troubles (Either a flu or some food poisoning, I’m not sure which) derailed me.  I’ve been dragging my feet in getting back into the swing of things.

I did write one keyword-optimized article for InfoBarrel that should be approved for publication soon.  InfoBarrel is part of my backlink strategy for my niche site on garlic benefits, but I am also going to use it as part of a direct system for creating passive income.  Like my backlinking strategy, I will be posting a more detailed post of my InfoBarrel strategy in the near (I hope) future.

In other news of being lazy in the new year, I have missed a whole week’s worth of workouts.  The first half of the week was a no-brainer with being sick, but the last 3 days have just been laziness.  I know no one is reading this blog regularly yet, so I won’t be getting harassed.  Ah, the benefits of obscurity. 😉

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