An Ode to Long-Tail Keywords

My passive income blog has hit the first page of Google search results!  This is awesome!

Oh, wait.  It’s for the keyword phrase hourly vs residual income.  The Google Keyword Tool tells me that the average monthly searches for that term are–drumroll, please–less than one.  :)

I have been a little surprised by the fact that this blog (which is really not keyword optimized for anything and has virtually no backlinks) is actually being found by natural search traffic already.  What it has shown me, though, is the value of long-tail keywords.  This blog has received four hits from natural search engine traffic, and I’ll show you the terms that were searched:

  1. “google dance” smart passive income
  2. aggresive backlink strategy (The original searcher spelled a aggressive wrong, but the search results are identical to the ones for the proper spelling)
  3. hourly vs residual income
  4. passive income blogging 2011

My respective rankings in the search results for these searches are currently:

  1. #19 and #20, with #19 being the homepage
  2. #18
  3. #10
  4. ?

The last search term (which was actually the first one searched) does not give my blog in the top 100 results.  The search was almost certainly part of an automated blog-spamming routine, as no normal person would work their way that far into the results.  I also started getting comment spam right afterward.

What we can really take away from this is that any site can rank for lots of keyword phrases.  This site has no link juice flowing to it, and it has only existed for about three weeks.  Yet, after only 10 posts, I’m already getting high rankings for some keywords.  As the site grows, I’m confident that I can get some significant traffic through Google, even if I don’t specifically optimize for a lot of keywords.

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