Google Dance: Part II

So, I mentioned last week that my search engine rankings were going through something called the “Google Dance“.  After showing up very quickly in Google, and reaching the second page of search results, my niche site started dropping quickly for all of its keywords.  ALL of them.  After a few days, it dropped completely out of the top 200 for every keyword it had been ranking for just a few days before.  The site was completely off the radar for six days.  This morning, however, the niche site has returned to Google’s results, and it is actually quite a bit higher in the rankings for a few keywords than it was before it disappeared.  My primary keyword is ranking at #27, with my second-choice keyword at #51.  My third-choice keyword is at #36.  My highest-ranking keyword is all the way up at #14, but it is very low-value.

Between the five exact keyword phrases that are currently ranking, there are about 12,00o global monthly searches, with about 5,000 local.   If I can manage to grab the top spot for all five keyword phrases, I should get at least 2,500 visitors a month, and possibly as many as 5,000.

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