Google Dance: Part III

My prediction about the ranking of my garlic website  is proving mostly correct so far.  And so far, where I was wrong has been mostly good news.  Rather than continuing to decline slowly immediately following my prediction, the site actually went up in the Google rankings for all five keyword phrases.  One key word, the benefits of garlic, actually broke onto the first page with a #10 ranking.  All five keywords then remained pretty stable for several days.

Now, though, the drop has come along almost as I predicted.  Three of the five keywords have fallen out of the top 200, and another has dropped to #152.  The phrase the benefits of garlic, however, has not dropped off the map like I thought it would.  It is currently sitting at #21.  When Google takes the site back out of the short-term sandbox, I have a feeling that phrase will jump up very high, maybe even into the top 5.

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