My First Niche Site Is Top-20 on Google! (Kind of…)

I’ve been watching the Google search results to see when my first niche website would break the top 100 search results for my targeted keywords.  After a few weeks, I can finally see it on the list for “The Benefits of Garlic”, and it has debuted at #19!  Unfortunately, Google’s “intelligent” search considers “The Benefits of Garlic” and “Benefits of Garlic” to be two totally different search terms.  The latter gives my site a ranking of only #92.  Even worse is “Garlic Benefits“, where I am not even ranking in the top 100 yet.

Why does this bother me? Well, the exact phrase “The Benefits of Garlic” is only searched for about 880 times a month, on average.  Compare this to 27,100 times a month when you drop the word “The” from the beginning.  Yikes!  It appears that I may have made some boo-boos in my backlinking strategy by using “The” in my anchor text.  I can modify several of the links, so hopefully I can correct this issue.  My goal, of course, is to rank #1 for the high-volume keyword, as well as a few others. I really only have about 20-30 backlinks at this point, so my keyword anchors are very limited.

I have submitted backlinked articles to 11 major article directories, and I’ve seen several of those articles have already been used by some (awful) websites for content.  I don’t care how bad the sites in question are.  It’s the backlinks that I need, and they are using the anchor text that I have set.  I am also going to be creating some freebie blogs on sites like WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal to create some more backlinks, and this time I will be using some better-focused anchor text.  Like, say, the anchor text I put in this blog post. 😉

On the bright side, I do appear to be getting at least some organic traffic, which is awesome!

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