My First Niche Site

My first niche website was actually live and online about a week before I started this blog, but it is still under some heavy construction.  I am completely new to the WordPress publishing platform, so there a lot of growing pains.  Thankfully, I have some HTML and CSS experience already, so I can at least manage to add links and modify style sheets properly.

The niche site is currently just running AdSense advertisements, but I will be adding some affiliate links to Vitamin Shoppe once I get approved by their affiliate program.  The problem, of course, is that I have no traffic yet.  I will be focusing on getting to the top of Google’s search results through an aggressive backlink strategy and on-page keyword optimization.  I’ll be writing up some more detailed posts about these strategies.

Like I said, it is under heavy construction, but you can check it out: The Benefits of Garlic

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