The Power of Spinning

One of the primary methods used to get backlinks to a website is to do mass article and blog submissions.  Now, you could easily submit an identical article to dozens of directories, but you will quickly find out that it won’t work for gaining a search engine ranking.  First of all, most major article directories will do a search to make sure that the article you are submitting is original.  If they find the article in their search, they won’t post it, and may even ban you from submitting future articles.

Secondly, Google is too smart to fall for it.  Google has what’s called a “duplicate content” filter.  You may have 10,000 backlinks to your site, but if they are all coming from pages with identical content, you are only going to get credit for one.  Google wants to see how many unique pages are linking back to you.

So, if your competitor has 300 backlinks, how do you write enough original articles to get enough backlinks to beat them?  Writing hundreds of unique 500-word articles to submit to directories by hand would be impossible, unless you do it full-time for months.  Luckily, there is something called a “spinner” to help you out.

A spinner is a computer application that replaces words in an article with synonyms, “spinning” it to create new, unique articles.   Some spinners are better than others.  Any spinner that is completely automated isn’t going to be worth using.  Every spun article you spit out will end up with awful grammar and misused words, and it will just not be readable.  Sure, most of those articles will never actually be read by a human being anyway, but some will.  The major article directories definitely won’t accept them, though, because they review articles before they will actually publish them.  A good spinner will have you put in your own list of synonyms, so that you can make sure the right ones are used, and that the syntax is proper.  The best spinners will have a built-in thesaurus so that you can look up synonym ideas without having to use a separate window or program.

It’s hard to grasp how many variations of a single article you can make just by using synonyms and rewording simple phrases.  For example, I just used a spinner to make 500 variations of a short blog post that I want to submit through Blog Blueprint.  The spun pieces only run about 100-150 words in length, so it may seem that 500 versions would have a lot of duplication.  With the number of synonyms I used, though, I could actually produce about 1.6 octillion (that’s 1,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible variations of that tiny little piece!

A lot of SEO people swear by a spinning program called–not surprisingly–The Best Spinner.   Unfortunately, it costs money. It does everything it should do, though, and really well.  I tried a number of free spinners to avoid having to pay for The Best Spinner, and most of them were just garbage.  I did finally find one that can compete with The Best, and it’s completely free!  It’s called Spinprofit.  (I have absolutely no financial interest in that product or site.  I just want people to have access to a free alternative that is every bit as good as the paid products.)

Now, let me say right now that you should never spin anything that you didn’t write yourself!  There’s a world of difference between modifying your own works and plagiarizing the works of others.   Also, you really need to proofread your spun content, even if you use one of the better spinners.  Sometimes, things just don’t sound right or read well when spun.  You shouldn’t be publishing crappy articles, even if it’s just for SEO purposes.

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3 Responses to The Power of Spinning

  1. Stephen says:

    HI, I was hoping you would mention spinprofit, you’re right, it is just as good as the paid one, I searched for one online and found spinprofit, and it’s really good.

    At first I spun 50 useless articles because I did it wrong but then I got it right, a few rendering issuers with hyphens but otherwise, it really good.

    • Cory says:

      First of all Stephen, I want to thank you for reading the blog. You are the first person to put a non-spam comment up. I’m moving up in the world! I have no problem with people using this blog to create backlinks for themselves if they’re at least adding something to the posts, but I can tell already there will be a lot of comments that I’m just going to have to delete. Welcome, though, and I hope I actually produce something that’s worth following in the future.

      Back to the subject, SPinprofit really does have every feature it needs. As far as I can tell, the only real advantage you would have with The Best Spinner over Spinprofit is that it has an automatic insertion option for synonyms. I don’t think it’s worth the cost, though.

      • Stephen says:

        Haha glad to hear I’m your first comment, when your blog grows, you’ll remember me I’m sure.

        I have the same problem on my reviews website, I’m gettingscripted spam links everyday that I’m deleting manually because I havent got around to testing for non humans yet, which unfortunately will be annoying for the genuine people who want to submit a review.

        I have another website apart from the one in the url i supplied that gets comments that you just can TELL arent genuine, I always delete them also.
        But yeah I have no problem allowing backlinks from genuine commenters.

        Might look into the best spinner in the future but for now spinprofit works just fine.

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