Quitting My Job and Google Dance: Part IV

On Friday, I put in my two-weeks’ notice at my part-time job.  Driving fifteen minutes to work, putting in five hours, then driving fifteen minutes back just doesn’t make any sense.  I’ve been burning a gallon of gas each way in my Blazer.  With the time spent getting ready and driving, I’m essentially putting in six hours of work to get paid for only four, and barely above minimum wage at that.  I’ll give a little more detail about that decision in my next post, but for today I’m going to focus on wrapping up my Google Dance series.

The Google Dance of my first nice website seems to have settled out.  The site has pretty much stabilized in the search results, with most of the keywords falling in the second and third page.  My best keyword phrase is actually fluctuating between #12 and #9.  On the days that it actually moves onto the first page of results, I am seeing some organic traffic, although the numbers are still very low.  I also haven’t gotten any click-throughs on my AdSense ads, but that doesn’t surprise me.  The total traffic over the last 30 days has only been 44 visits, with 138 page-views.  Many of those visits have either been from me testing the pages, or from readers of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog clicking through my comments to see what my niche site looks like.  These aren’t the target market for the site, and I’m confident that visitors from organic searches will have a good better click-through rate on the contextual ads and my affiliate product links.

I have been really slacking in the content department the last few weeks.  I put up a fair amount initially, but I had gotten so burnt out from learning so much new stuff that my focus waned quickly.  Right now isn’t the best time either, due to a hectic schedule.  I am getting ahead on my coursework in several of my classes, though, so that should give me a little more free time.  Leaving my retail job will also free up a lot of additional time that I can use to work on my websites.

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