My First Internet Marketing Revenue!

Maybe this will actually get my butt into gear.  I have been sooooo unproductive over the last few weeks…

Anyway, I logged into my Google AdSense account today, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have finally had someone click through an ad.  I’ve had AdSense for Context up on my two InfoBarrel articles and my garlic website for about a month and a half now, so I was disappointed that no one was ever clicking through.  I was elated that I finally saw some revenue.

I was really surprised to find out what had actually happened, though.  I thought for sure that someone had clicked an ad on my garlic website, as I only have two articles and virtually no traffic on InfoBarrel.  I went to my performance report page and discovered that not only had the click-through come from InfoBarrel, but that I had gotten six of them in one day (2/20/11).  I’ve already gotten two today (2/21/11) as well.  How did I go from zero clicks in a month and a half to eight clicks in two days?

My assumption is that a single person found one of my articles and clicked through six ads throughout the day, then came back a few times today.  It seems highly unlikely that eight different people found my articles and clicked through the ads, as I have never had more than two or three views per day before this.

On the bright side, this has shown me that even one or two articles can produce the occasional burst of passive income.  I am going to focus my efforts a little more on getting a few articles written and posted every week.  Even if an article only produces income once every few weeks, or even months, it can still add up.  It really doesn’t take very long to turn out a good 500 to 750-word article.  I think my next post will take a look at how writing these articles will be a good way to add to my passive income.  I’ll try to get that post up tomorrow.  Until then, I’ll enjoy seeing my whopping $4.10 sitting in my AdSense account. :-)

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