Of Weekends and Niche Sites

I just got out of my last class for the day (it’s so nice to finish my Fridays by noon), and my weekend has officially begun.

So, why am I bothering to start my post out by pointing out the obvious and telling you that it’s the weekend?  Because, dear readers, this is my first real, honest-to-goodness weekend since August!  I had forgotten just how nice it is to have two whole days in a row when I know I don’t have to go to school or work.  It’s me time, and it feels great!  It has been less than a week since I left my job, and it has cut my stress levels so much I can’t even believe it.

So, what am I going to be doing with my free time this weekend?  Well, I’ll mostly be working, honestly.  I will, however, be working on the things I want to do, at my own pace, and from the comfort of my own home.  I knocked out a lot of work on my second niche site last night, and I am hoping to get quite a bit more done today.  By tomorrow, I should have enough content up to start mixing in my backlinking and article marketing strategies.  The backlinking strategy will be similar to the one I used for my garlic site (which is ever-so-slowly climbing the SERP, and hit a new high of #7 for my best keyword phrase on Google today).  The article marketing strategy is going to be way more aggressive this time, though, as I feel it is going to provide me with more organic traffic than articles would have for the garlic site.  Also, I think that many of my keyword phrases and linking articles will provide me with a good income on their own, as I will be using InfoBarrel for the brunt of the articles.

I have intentionally avoided tipping my hat as to the nature of my new niche site.  I’m not exactly sure why, though.  I guess I’m just really surprised that this keyword has good volume and isn’t very competitive, and I have been paranoid about someone hitting the niche before I do.  Frankly, that’s ridiculous.  Pat Flynn publicly announced his niche for his niche site duel, and even with thousands of subscribers he didn’t run into that issue.  I doubt any of the three or four visitors a day to my blog are going to try to pull this rug out from under me. :)

Since I’ve kept it a secret this long, though, I think I will keep it that way until I have at least 10 pages of content up and ready.  I want the “big reveal” to be of a site that, even if it’s not complete, is at least usable for early visitors.  Now, I’m hoping that that moment will be sometime tomorrow, but that means I have to knock out 9 good, solid pages of content tonight…  Anyway, hopefully my next post will include a link to an up-and-running niche site!

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