Another Reason to Avoid Blog Blueprint

Working on keyword research and personal stuff has kept me pretty busy the last week, which is why it has been a whole week since I have posted anything new.  This is going to be a short post just to let you folks know that I haven’t gone anywhere.  I will post something with a little more meat later in the week.  For now, though, it’s more depressing news about the quality of the Blog Blueprint service.

I found yet another of the blogs on which Blog Blueprint had posted my “high-quality” backlinks.  The blog was, not surprisingly, only a PR 2 blog, below the range that BB was specifically supposed to provide.  Far worse than that, though, was the fact that this one blog was used for three of the backlinks that the service created, including two posts on two consecutive days.  Multiple backlinks from a single domain are worth far less for SEO purposes, and this is another indictment of the lack of quality or honesty with the program.

This happened to be the final straw that made me decide to seek a refund of my purchase price of the service.  Unfortunately, ClickBank (the vendor through which the company takes payment) will only issue a refund to the payment method initially used to make the purchase.  I used my Visa check card to make the purchase, and my bank just switched over to Mastercard debit cards, automatically canceling my Visa in the process.  Now I have no idea whether or not the money can even be refunded. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. :(

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2 Responses to Another Reason to Avoid Blog Blueprint

  1. Rory Mullen says:

    I reckon when you search Blueprint your blog will be on the top 10 pages. I am here to say if you have any problems getting your money back, talk to me.

    • Cory says:

      Rory, I have noticed a spike in my traffic over the last few days, and it does appear to be coming from people searching for long-tail keywords about Blog Blueprint. I am on the first page in Google for several of those long-tails. The title “Blog Blueprint, Or How I Wasted $134” seems to be driving a lot of click-throughs, even with the post showing up around #4-5 on the SERP. I guess with the number of affiliates who push the product by writing positive reviews, my article stands out as the one negative review.

      There is a credit pending in my account right now. I am only getting refunded for the second month of service, but I think that’s perfectly reasonable. I was impressed with the speed that my money was refunded. ClickBank actually kicked the refund process over to the SEO Blueprint people rather than handling it in-house because of the way their help ticket system works. No fights or questions from the Blueprint people–just a refund. So, there is some redemption for them in the form of their customer support personal.

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