Blog Blueprint, or How I Wasted $134

In my backlinking strategy for my first niche site, I used a service recommended by Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog.  The service was Blog Blueprint, part of a larger package called SEO Blueprint.  This is my review.

First of all, the service isn’t cheap by any means.  For Blog Blueprint by itself, the cost is $57 a month, recurring. For an additional $10 a month, you get access to the full suite, which includes two additional services, Article Blueprint and Link Blueprint. For the sake of getting Article Blueprint, I opted for the full suite.

The idea behind Blog Blueprint is pretty simple. You provide the service with up to twenty short blog posts (at least 100 words) each day, including your desired backlink URL and anchor text. They then automatically post these snippets to their network of high PR blogs, giving you lots of one-way, PR 3-5 backlinks to your site.  The promotional site makes a point to explain that these blog posts are verified for readability before being posted, and that each blog is retired after about 300 posts so that the link quality doesn’t get diluted.

I ran into a few problems with this system immediately.  First of all, when using Market Samurai to check my backlinks, I discovered that nearly all of my backlinks were appearing on PR 2 blogs, which were below the PR range that the service was supposed to provide.  I got only a couple of PR 3’s, one PR 4, and absolutely no PR 5 backlinks from the service as advertised.  Also, I did find several of the blogs to examine for quality.  While my posts were well-spun and read very well, most of the posts were pure garbage–broken English, misused synonyms resulting from bad spins, etc.  On top of that, there were well over a thousand posts on each of the blogs I found, directly contradicting the sales pitch promises.

After two months of service and with the delivery of the service falling so far below what was promised, I didn’t feel that the $67 a month would ever be justified.  So, I did the only reasonable thing and canceled it.  Yesterday, I used Market Samurai again to check my backlinks.  Not a single one of the backlinks that was created from Blog Blueprint still shows up.  Apparently $67 a month to post a tiny snippet on a garbage blog isn’t enough to make it a permanent backlink.

Pat Flynn described Blog Blueprint as something that sounded “almost too good to be true.”  Unfortunately, the sales pitch is too good to be true.  The company has pushed its affiliate program incredibly hard to me since I purchased the product, and I did have an affiliate link set up on my Resources page up until now.  I took it down, though, because I just cannot suggest this service to anyone.  It’s too expensive for what it actually provides, and the sales pitch is full of outright BS.

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16 Responses to Blog Blueprint, or How I Wasted $134

  1. Stephen says:

    Interesting, Pat usually replies to his comments, why don’t you mention that to him and ask him what he thinks or if he still thinks blog blueprint is as good as he said the first time.
    Be interesting to know.

    • Cory says:

      I’m hesitant to mention it to him, Stephen. On the one hand, I didn’t find the service to be worth the money. On the other hand, though, I would hate to be even partially responsible for Pat loosing such a large source of income. He made over $1300 last month from his affiliate commissions on that service. Also, Market Samurai has been acting funky the last few days. I know I have some backlinks that it isn’t showing, so I am no longer 100% certain that my Blog Blueprint backlinks are actually gone. I’ll give it a week before I consider emailing Pat about it.

      • v says:

        Doesn’t that suggest you think he would be happy profiting from bad advice? I would hope that is not true and that he would want to hear the truth about this “service”. I also think that if they did not deliver what was promised, that you should get a refund.

      • Pat Flynn says:

        Hey Cory – Pat here.

        First of all – don’t ever feel like you have to not tell me something because it could effect my income. If you feel a service was bad or my recommendations for products were unjust, I’d like to hear about it because I don’t want to recommend products that aren’t good. I only try to recommend things that have worked for me that I believe could help others.
        Now as far as your backlinks, Market Samurai has been under attack and as such, their numbers are a bit off lately. Actually, really off. They are working to fix the problems, but a lot of backlinks are not showing up because of the attack, and also because they are migrating to a backlinking tool other than Yahoo Explorer, which is closing down, apparently, very soon. On top of that, it takes time for Google to index these articles. Even 3 or 4 months after starting my strategy with these tools, I’m still getting pingbacks and trackbacks for these submissions. So, you’re not going to see things right away. Not trying to defend myself here, just sharing why i believe the backlinks that are supposed to be there are not.

        The tools have worked for me and are still working for me, and seriously I’m sorry you had a bad experience with them. I feel really bad about that. I’d recommend either contacting these companies to get your money back since you’re not happy, or if you’re truly upset about losing the $134 let me know and I’ll pay you back for it.

        Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Howie says:

    I’m sorry that this happened to you, Cory…

    I wish you the best in however you choose to handle this. Of course, I don’t want to advocate cutting off his commissions, but if it doesn’t work for your business, it doesn’t work for your business. I’m sure he’d agree.

  3. Cory says:

    Wow! I am starting to realize what a tight-knit community Internet Marketing really is… Word travels fast, and people really stick up for one another.

    As I said to Stephen in my earlier reply, it dawned on me after my initial post that Market Samurai was not showing me my backlinks properly. I no longer have any certainty that there aren’t at least a few of my Blog Blueprint backlinks still out there. I can say for sure that there are still backlinks from the Article Blueprint service pointing back to my site, so I have a feeling I didn’t lose all of my Blog Blueprint backlinks after all.

    @Pat: You, in particular, never cease to amaze me with your level of dedication to your readers. That is exactly the reason I wanted to wait a while to let the dust settle on this one before sending you an email about it. I’m actually regretting writing the original post a little bit now, because you got dragged into it. And I definitely wouldn’t want you to pay for something that was in no way your fault! I don’t think that the service was a complete ripoff, or that I need to seek a refund. I just think that they are a little misleading in their claims, and that the service is ultimately too pricey for what it offers. I think canceling was the appropriate level of response.

    Of course, if my sites were producing enough cash flow to cover the cost of the service, the level of automation might be worth the money to me even if the results didn’t quite match up with those advertised. Having just started out, though, I have to watch every penny and live by the old maxim, “For every dollar spent, maximum value received.” $57 a month for that service is exorbitant to me, but that’s a drop in the bucket and a good deal for established folks who have a much higher Money-to-Time ratio than I do.

    @Howie: Man, you’re everywhere, aren’t you? Not only are you commenting with encouragement on the post itself, but hitting me up over at InfoBarrel and building me a do-follow backlink in the forum while you’re at it! Guess whose blog just bumped Yaro Starak’s off of my bookmarks toolbar to make room for a new RSS feed. 😉

  4. Rory Mullen says:

    Yes Pat Flynn is one amazing dude. He has shown he will take care of the friends that visit his site and trust his reviews. Pat, Thanks again for showing how to take care of a situation and to also help people at the same time. Also Cory, great job at letting things work out. So many people jump to conclusions when things first don’t work out. I see proper coping skills are doing good for you.
    Howie is amazing This guy is super human. He has done so much for internet marketing and is a good friend to everyone who meets him.

  5. Cal says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve since canceled Blog Blue Print.

    • Cory says:

      I really hate to give anything a really bad review like that, but Blog Blueprint simply doesn’t deliver what they advertise. Under-preforming is one thing, but intentionally making false claims about the service is another thing entirely. It’s a line they crossed.

  6. Roja says:

    Wow. Pat Flynn equals Class Act

    Sorry you had issues with the blue print. I will not be buying it.

    • Cory says:

      Frankly, Pat Flynn is my hero in the world of making passive income online. Unfortunately, I don’t have his laser focus and incredible work ethic, so I have been severely slacking in producing content. :/

  7. Msolomon says:

    Hi Cory:

    So, which, if any systems did you ultimately wind up using? I am currently looking for good software. Thanks.


    • Cory says:

      With my second niche site, I only did a tiny bit of backlinking, and it was completely manual. I wrote two good articles that I posted to InfoBarrel, and I used the site’s front page URL as my website when commenting on other people’s blogs (exactly like what you’ve done here). I created no more than five or six total links back to the site, but it hit #1 in Google for it’s primary keyword pretty quickly. SEO people go nuts for backlinks, but strong content multiplies the effectiveness of a small number of backlinks far more than a large number of backlinks can multiply weak content.
      When I did my third (and so far most successful) niche site, I decided to try out The Keyword Academy (affiliate link). I believe that they are still running a 30-day free trial, and it’s $33 a month after that for their “Pro” subscription. They have a network of sites owned by their community members that they call PostRunner (PR). It gives you a really wide range of sites to submit your backlinking articles to, as well as providing you with content for a website of your own if you add it to the PR network. The sites aren’t usually garbage sites like you would get with automated services like Blog Blueprint, and most site owners actually do read the content before posting.
      I wrote four articles on my third niche site, and created about 5-6 backlinks per article in the PR system. I also made a few blog comments with my name as the anchor text for the link. That’s all I did. As of today, I rank #1 for one of the four keywords, #2 for two of the keywords, and #12 for the last one.
      So, my advice is to concentrate more on your content than on your link building. Automated programs are expensive, and they just aren’t as important as the content is. The Keyword Academy does offer a lot of great instructional material, an incredibly helpful community in their member forums, and a great link-building network with PostRunner. It’s definitely worth the $33 a month.

  8. Peter says:

    Thanks a lot for the post cory, saved me from trying it out and I haven’t read much about keyword academy but the price per month is right!

    • Cory says:

      Pat Flynn has even stopped promoting Blog Blueprint at this point, which I was really glad to see. And really, I have had much, much better results from manual backlinking than I did after two solid months of automated links.

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