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I have talking about my new niche site, and I made a promise to reveal what it is.  I was hoping to have a little more content on it first, but I really don’t want to keep putting off telling you what it is any longer.  The new site is about Good Pets For Kids.

The last few days of last week were one big push for content for me, and I do think I got a pretty good amount done.  It just isn’t anywhere near enough, though.  Especially with Google’s recent announcement that their algorithm for search-engine rankings has been adjusted to favor content more and backlinks less, getting more content posted to my niche sites is paramount in my mind. By the end of this week, I need to have at least seven more pages of good content added to my new niche site, and I really need to give my first niche sitea complete makeover somtime within the next two weeks.  On top of that, I really want to knock out a bunch of InfoBarrel articles, both to drive traffic and link juice to my various websites, and to start generating more direct revenue from that site itself.

What all of this means is that I need to become a total content machine over the next few weeks.  I can mentally create content at break-neck speed, but unfortunately I am a horrible typist.  Getting the content from my brain onto the page is where my bottleneck exists.  After reading several posts from a few different sources, I went ahead and got myself a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a speech-to-text program that recognizes what you are saying, then automatically types it out for you.  I’ve only played around with it a little bit, but it seems to be working alright so far. I plan to use it extensively in speeding up the content-creation process, and I really hope it lives up to all of the recommendations.

Spring Break starts on Saturday, so I will have nine daysoff. Since I don’t have a job anymore, I will have pretty much zero obligations during that break, so I am going to make the most of it.  I’ll spend some quality time  hanging out with my friends, work on decluttering my pig-sty of a room/attic, and write as much quality content as humanly possible.

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3 Responses to Content, Content, Content

  1. Steven says:

    Interesting that you went for Dragon Naturally Speaking, i’ll be interested to know how well it works

  2. RobM says:

    That’s a great little site you have there. I love the colour scheme and layouts. Very kid friendly. As far as generating content have you considered hiring a Virtual Assistant to do this? They are really cheap. I will be hiring one to add content to my site.

    • Cory says:

      Rob, right now I am time-rich, but cash-poor. I do realize the incredible power of arbitrage for generating content, and how much I could use it to leverage my earnings potential. I really need to get some cashflow set up before I can take advantage of that, though.

      Even if I did have a little more cash to play with, I think it’s important that I do my first few projects on my own. I need to get a feel for what’s going to work and what isn’t, and to understand what is really involved with getting things going smoothly. Once I have a system in place, I may very well begin outsourcing a lot of things to streamline and speed up the process. For now, though, it’s all about learning the ropes and getting revenues to exceed expenses.

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