The Keyword Academy, or “Trying Something New”

After my less-than-stellar results with Blog Blueprint, and after realizing that I stink at keyword research, I have decided to sign up for the 1-month free trial through The Keyword Academy.  I read a review on their keyword tools and the site looks incredibly professional, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

The cost after the 1-month trial period is over is only $29 a month (or $33 if you opt for the “Pro” version), so even if I give it three full months of testing, I will have paid less than my first month of SEO Blueprint.  The monthly fee apparently includes access to backlink-building tools, so this seems like it may provide a lot of value for the money.  I’m hopeful, but I will reserve final judgment until I see some results.  If nothing else, The Keyword Academy’s site is completely free of the sleazy internet marketing sales pitches so common in this game.  I’m looking at you, SEO Blueprint…

Anyway, I will be keeping everyone posted on my progress, and I hope to be able to provide a full-fledged review of the service after I’ve had some time to get into the real guts of it.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    If I may offer a suggestion in regards to niche research, I will say that you need to pick a form of revenue first. Are you trying to go after Adsense generated revenue or do you want to promote physical products? Now it may sound like a simple question, but the only reason I posed is because it will help you with niche research since they way in which people search says a lot about what they intend to do (e.g. take something for free or pull out their credit cards).

    If you’re trying to use Adsense to generate passive income, then your niche selection has to be around something that not only has a high CPC, but that prompts your traffic to want more. For example, the niche website you’re building now in all honesty may not be as profitable as you think because your traffic is looking for free information. Additionally, the particular advertisers gunning for your keywords are not in abundance. When I type “good pets for kids” into keyword spy and take a look at advertisers, the outlook isn’t good. Secondly, when I try other keywords like “good pets” or “best pets,” I still turn up advertisers like The Humane Society or Unfortunately, their ads suck and in the case of, they’re pretty much targeting the keyword most likely though dynamic insertion when they really don’t have anything to offer.

    If you’re monetizing your website with Adsense (which it appears you are), then your ad selection is not going to be great. And since I just took a look at your website, I see that you’re running an image banner ad which is showing ads for buying gold — which is far left field from your main keyword.

    If you really break things down, most people are going to buy the pets offline — not online (now if you specialized in particular pet that is rare and only found through specific breeders, etc AND they had an affiliate program of some sort, then you could certainly attack things from this angle). However, the thing with Adsense is that you want to attack keywords that promote your traffic to click. That is why education, health, insurance, etc work so well. Not because there are plenty of advertisers willing to shell out money (because there are), but because I’d gladly click on an Adsense ad that offered “free full-length LSAT practice test online” if I were looking for help with the LSAT. On the other hand, once you tell me all the reasons why rabbits are good choice for pets for kids, I’m going to head over to PetCo around the corner to pick one up.

    Ultimately, the choice for what you want to promote is yours and there are tons of untapped niches, but not every one of them will be profitable. I like sticking to physical products, etc because I know that a good portion of my traffic is already in buy mode, but they want reassurance of their purchasing decision.

    I hope that helps. Now I didn’t too much talk about how I do keyword research, but I honestly don’t feel that you need The Keyword Academy, but I will say that the information is helpful — it’s just that there are more targeted ways of finding profitable niches for free. Right now the two best keyword tools that I use are the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and eBay. I don’t do niche research without them.

    If you have some niches that you’d like to explore, you can certainly shoot me an email and I can show you how I attack things, or at the very least, show you some good keywords to go after.

    – Yolanda

    • Cory says:

      Yeah, my first two target keywords I have been trying to attack really are bad ones. With the garlic site, my intention was to monetize with AdSense and with affiliate banners for The Vitamin Shoppe through CJ. Unfortunately, I really didn’t understand just how strong the competition was in Google for the terms I have been chasing. With the pets site, my intention really is to focus on the Petco affiliate links. I put the AdSense up as more of a secondary thing.

      What I like about TKA so far is their very clearly laid-out action plan for new members. I love having step-by-step instructions for the first time I do something, as it gives me something to help me focus. As for the tools available through the program, they seem to be helping me attack keyword research a lot better than what I was (and they do go into pretty good detail about monetizable keyword selection). With the first month free and only $33 a month after that, I don’t see much of a downside to giving it a good three or four-month try.

      I always appreciate how helpful your comments are, Yolanda. I really do appreciate your offer of help here, as well. I’m just afraid that if you teach me your approach to keyword research, I will only have a piece of your overall strategy. I would need to learn your style of site building, your backlinking strategy, your monetization strategies, your content strategies, etc., before I would have a grasp of how it all works together. I need a complete beginner’s education about this stuff, and I’m genuinely afraid that I would be wasting your time if you teach me how to attack keyword research if I have no idea how to then implement anything. I am going to focus on learning the TKA system right now.

      I know that I’m probably coming off a little silly right now. You are offering to teach me how to do something very important, and I’m turning you down because I don’t know how to do anything. I just feel like the reason I screwed up with my initial keyword selections, site-building efforts, and backlinking campaign is that I am trying to learn bits and pieces that end up not working once I cobble them together. I want to learn a complete system from the ground up, even if any one particular aspect of the system is less-than-optimal. After a few months, I will hopefully be ready to branch out and learn new techniques that I can then incorporate into my overall strategy, because I will have a better understanding of the system as a whole.

      For someone who is a complete newbie in this field, I realize I am being a little conceited in saying, “this is my plan, and I’m going to follow through and do it on my own.” I’ve had a tendency to be modest at times and bold at others throughout my life, though, and being bold has always been more effective at improving my situation.

  2. Yolanda says:


    Don’t worry I don’t take offense at all. I think there are plenty of ways to learn something and ultimately, you are going to find out what is right for you. However, if you need any suggestions/tips, my inbox is always open.

    I looked at TKA a few years ago, but I decided not to continue my membership because building up someone else’s properties (e.g. Infobarrel, EZA, etc) was not my thing. I knew there had to be a better option to get ranked and get traffic — and there is. However, that doesn’t mean that TKA isn’t a goldmine — because it is for a lot of people.

    I changed gears anyway this year so I’m not too much worried about ranking websites anymore since my traffic will no longer rely on SEO. Nonetheless, keyword research is still vital to anything that I do.

    The best of luck to you! :)

    – Yolanda

    • Cory says:

      Hm. The current program doesn’t advocate using revenue sharing properties like IB or Blogger at all. I guess that has changed since you last visited. In fact, they make a really clear point of telling students to own any internet property that they are trying to monetize. Aside from having absolute control over the site that way, students will have a valuable property that they can sell if they ever want to cash out that value. Now, they do suggest putting one or two of your early backlink articles on EZA, but only because it is the quickest, easiest way to get your site indexed (i.e. a natural Google crawl from a high-PR site).

      They actually now have a big network of sites owned by the individual students, which is called Postrunner. It seems like a pretty good system, as it creates thousands upon thousands of of strong, one-way links for the members. I haven’t tested it yet, of course, but it looks promising.

      And thank you, of course, for all of the encouragement Yolanda. The internet marketing crowd continues to amaze me with how inviting and helpful they are.

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