Some Active Income, and the Coming of Summer

First off, let me apologize to anyone who follows the blog for how long it has been since I’ve posted an update.  The last three weeks have absolutely crazy for me.  Between being sick and being bombarded with classwork now that the semester is coming to an end, I have not made any progress on my passive income business, so updates would have been purely personal.  I’m trying to focus on making fewer personal posts, and keeping them more focused on my business ventures.

Two events have occurred to add a little black ink to my financial records, although certainly not enough to get the overall business out of the red quite yet.  The first is that I did successfully receive a refund for $67 from the company that provided the Blog Blueprint service.  It may not seem like a lot of money, but it’s significant for someone whose goal is to build a profitable venture with an initial capital budget of $1000 like me.The second bit of good financial news is that I got my first BlueHost web hosting affiliate commission yesterday! It wasn’t really passive income, though…

One of my management teachers is working with a group of churches that is struggling both financially and in getting new members.  In an attempt to draw a younger crowd into these churches, my professor suggested that they have a website, and asked me to set them up with one.  I gave full disclosure to the professor that I would be getting a commission on the web hosting, of course.  With how inexpensive BlueHost is for their hosting, and given that the first year’s domain registration was included in the cost, he had no qualms about purchasing the hosting through my affiliate link.  Having used and enjoyed BlueHost for about five months now, I wouldn’t think twice about suggesting it to people even if I weren’t getting affiliate revenue.

Having some money coming in to add a buffer to my working capital is nice, but this was more of an active source of income–it’s a single payment for a single job.  I should be getting another opportunity to make another commission like this in a few weeks, as my accounting professor wants me to set him up with a business website as well.

Now that the school year is ending, I will be able to devote more of my time to working on building my passive income.  I am behind schedule on meeting my goals, so I really do need to get focused and make this summer count!

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