Niche Site Update #1: Long-Tail Organic Traffic Already

I will attempt to post updates about the performance of my newest niche site every Friday.  This is a public test of the methods and tools provided by The Keyword Academy, a subscription-based service designed to teach users to build a passive income of at least $1000 per month online.

The Site Is Live

Let me start off by saying that my keyword selection process was much more refined this time around than it had been for my last two attempts at creating niche websites, thanks to the instructional material and tools offered by The Keyword Academy.  I began my search by picking a few broad, one-word terms and feeding them into the Google Keyword Tool.  After Google returned a list of suggestions (several hundred of them), I then took that list and fed it back through the tool, one hundred phrases at a time.  The final result was a list of about 5,400 keyword phrases.

I’ll point out that for this keyword list to be ready the next step of the process, I did have to log into my AdWords account.  The new version of the Google Keyword Tool will only display Average CPC statistics when you are logged in, and they are needed for the next step.  I also added a few filters to narrow my data down to the keyword phrases most likely to be worth examining further.  I limited the search to only those phrases which receive at least 700 local monthly searches and 1,000 global searches, so that I would be sure that the potential traffic to the site would be worth the effort.  I also limited the search to those terms with fewer than 25,000 global searches.  I felt that the likelihood of finding terms with that many searchers that are still competitive enough to rank for is just too low to bother.

Once I had my keywords saved as CSV files, along with their global monthly search volumes and Average CPC, I uploaded them into TKA’s proprietary program, Niche Refinery.  Niche Refinery is a relatively simple tool, but one that does what would take a human literally months or years to do–it checks the PageRank of the top four SERP results for each of the keyword phrases.  While PR isn’t everything, finding keyword phrases that return top results with lots of very low PRs is a good indicator that the phrase should be relatively easy to rank for.  Niche Refinery allows you to automatically grab the PRs for thousands of search terms, then filter the list to only those that have lots of low-ranked pages near the top of the SERPs.

Of my 5,400 keywords from Google, about 800 qualified as “green” according to TKA’s criteria.  That means that the keyword meets minimum AdSense potential requirements, volume requirements, and competition requirements.  I went through the list looking for groups of related terms that could be used to create multiple keyword-targeted pages on a site with a focused, coherent theme.  Most of the keywords were so specific that they couldn’t be logically grouped together, and many were clearly not going to generate many clicks on advertisements.  There were, however, several phrases that included the word asbestos that looked like they were competitive, topically related, and had very high CPCs.

I went back to the Google Keyword Tool and fed in the word asbestos, along with several related terms.  I got back about 800 results, which I then fed through the Niche Refinery.  I was very impressed at what I saw.  I was looking at a list of keywords that were very closely related, yet varied enough to make it easy to come up with a reasonably long page of content for each.  Each keyword also had plenty of opportunity for both derivative and semantic long-tail traffic–the phrases were mostly three or four words long, and would naturally be used by searchers with a number of modifiers or synonyms added.

I was convinced that this set of keywords was going to be profitable, so I registered the domain name  I installed WordPress, wrote my first four keyword-targeted articles, and put the site online.  I then started the process of creating my backlinking articles, which I will discuss in more detail next week, along with TKA’s content-distribution system called PostRunner.

I was expecting that it would take at least a few days for the site to be indexed by Google, but after only two days, I had already gotten two organic visitors.  The site was already ranking on the first page of a few very long-tail search terms, without a single backlink.  While the tiny bit of traffic is pretty meaningless at this point, the implication seems to be that ranking for my primary keyword phrases is definitely doable.  Google definitely sees my articles as relevant, and that really seems like the key to ranking ever since the Panda update came along.

All told, I am very excited and optimistic about this niche site.  I’m going to be putting a lot of effort into making sure that it succeeds, and I am confident that it will.  Hopefully, next Friday will include more good news.

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2 Responses to Niche Site Update #1: Long-Tail Organic Traffic Already

  1. Cory — good for you in taking the “plunge” and launching a niche site. Interesting niche selection. I feel like I’m going back in time and watching Pat Flynn back before he was PAT FLYNN. It will be fun to watch you go along.

    • Cory says:

      Thanks for both the encouragement and the visit, John. This is actually my third attempt at a niche site, but the first one where I feel I have some real focus and a clear objective. Hopefully I’ll have the income and the need for the LLC and insurance that were discussed over there on Smart Passive Income. I really hope that within the next year I can call folks like you and Pat my peers, rather than just my inspiration.

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