Testing The Keyword Academy

As I said in one of my posts back in March, I am currently trying out The Keyword Academy.  I have not produced any content along their suggested guidelines since joining, so I can’t yet testify for or against their advice.

What I can do is share my experience of going through their process with you.  A recent addition to the instructional materials has convinced me that the methods TKA advocates are very workable, and that I have the potential to generate a lot of keyword-targeted content quickly.  Additionally, TKA has some very sensible, practical (at least as far as I can tell) methods for SEO backlinking strategies that don’t involve horrible link-spamming on garbage blogs with companies like SEO Blueprint.  I like the idea of doing my link building right along with content creation, as opposed to the massive backlink bombs I’ve seen advocated so many times.  I have seen with my other sites that manual, content-based link building can be easier, cheaper, and more effective than trying to shortcut the process with automated tools.

I have started a new niche site that I will be using as a public test of The Keyword Academy’s process and tools.  I am following their general guidelines, with a few minor tweaks of my own.  The tweaks aren’t because I don’t believe that their methods will work–I do have faith in their system from what I have seen so far.  The problem is that they offer several different “plans of attack,” so to speak.  The different plans overlap, but they also have a tendency to contradict one another at times.  I like the concept of dedicated 7-hour work sessions that they have created recently, but it didn’t mesh well with their advocated backlinking methodology.  My tweak is just a reconciliation of the two concepts, and I think it will really boost my productivity.

I will be regularly updating my progress and results with this niche site.  I plan on giving a detailed status update at the beginning of the month.  Of course, if anything really interesting happens with the site’s development between updates, I’ll be sure to share it as it happens.  I’m genuinely excited about the prospects for this site, as my keyword research skills have improved drastically, thanks in no small part to the tools and instructional material on TKA.

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