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Niche Site Update #5: The Friendly Panda

The internet marketing world is abuzz once again with the latest update to Google’s ranking algorithm.  Google has stated that this is an update to the dreaded Panda algo change, and it has hit a lot of IM’ers pretty hard.  … Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #3: A Blast From the Not-So-Distant Past

I was hoping that my niche site updates would be all about how my newest niche site’s meteoric rise through the SERPs, right up to #1 in Google.  Of course, it has been less than two months since the launch … Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #2: A Trickle of Income Already

My First Click Early this week, my new niche site got its very first AdSense ad click.  While $0.42 is nothing to get too excited over, it came from only the tenth person to reach the site through an organic … Continue reading

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Niche Site Update #1: Long-Tail Organic Traffic Already

I will attempt to post updates about the performance of my newest niche site every Friday.  This is a public test of the methods and tools provided by The Keyword Academy, a subscription-based service designed to teach users to build … Continue reading

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Testing The Keyword Academy

As I said in one of my posts back in March, I am currently trying out The Keyword Academy.  I have not produced any content along their suggested guidelines since joining, so I can’t yet testify for or against their … Continue reading

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Thin Site, No Backlinks… and #2 in Google?!

For anyone who follows my blog, it’s obvious that I’ve been less in the mode of “working had” and more in the mode of “hardly working” so far this summer.  For some reason I have been just plain lazy since … Continue reading

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The Keyword Academy, or “Trying Something New”

After my less-than-stellar results with Blog Blueprint, and after realizing that I stink at keyword research, I have decided to sign up for the 1-month free trial through The Keyword Academy.  I read a review on their keyword tools and … Continue reading

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Blog Blueprint, or How I Wasted $134

In my backlinking strategy for my first niche site, I used a service recommended by Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog.  The service was Blog Blueprint, part of a larger package called SEO Blueprint.  This is my … Continue reading

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Well, I Think It Looks Pretty Good

Before I go into today’s post, I want to take care of something… Paid In Passive Ireland Gym Reviews During the redesign I realized that my two favorite commentators had only been getting no-follow backlinks for their comments, and I … Continue reading

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Content, Content, Content

I have talking about my new niche site, and I made a promise to reveal what it is.  I was hoping to have a little more content on it first, but I really don’t want to keep putting off telling … Continue reading

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