I’ve compiled a list of several of the tools and resources that I have been using in my attempts to create streams of passive income for myself.  Hopefully they will help my readers in their attempts as well.

Note:  Some of these links are affiliate links, and I will receive a commission from the respective companies for my referrals if my readers sign up for their services.  Unless I specify otherwise, I have used every program/service that I list, and I have only listed those programs that I have personally found to be worth my time and money.  Please read my Disclaimer.

Learning Tools

  • The Keyword Academy: The Keyword Academy is a subscription-based service that provides training and tools for people who want to learn how to create niche websites.  The first month of membership is free, and it’s only $33 a month after that for their Pro membership.  The site has lots of instructional material, a fantastic keyword research tool called Niche Refinery, and a content distribution system called PostRunner.  Niche Refinery and PostRunner alone are well worth the total cost of the service.  On top of it all, there is a very active, incredibly insightful forum of people who are actually succeeding with their niche sites and who freely share their knowledge and answer questions.

Website Creation

  • GoDaddy: I register all of my domain names through GoDaddy. There are so many registrars out there it’s hard to really distinguish any of them as much better than the rest, but I really like to use GoDaddy because of Bob Parsons. His video blog is a great resource, and I just plain like the guy. Also, it’s easy to find GoDaddy coupons with a quick Google search, so the prices are really good. I do not recommend their hosting, though, as there are better, cheaper options, such as…
  • Bluehost: This is the service I use for all of my web hosting. For $6.95 a month, I get unlimited storage & bandwidth, and I can use my account for as many different domains as I want. It’s a really good deal, and I’m glad I went with them.
  • WordPress: This blog is powered by WordPress, as is my first niche website. It’s free, open source, and powerful.

SEO and Site Promotion

  • Google Keyword Tool: Google is the big dog of search engines. If you are going to Search-Engine Optimize, you need to focus on Google.
  • Market Samurai: Though it’s a bit pricey, Market Samurai represents only a one-time cost.  While I believe that the Niche Refinery program available through The Keyword Academy is better for doing initial research on a large volume of raw keyword data, Market Samurai provides a lot more detail and useful information once you have your keyword research a little more focused.  It will allow you not only to see the PR of the top ten Google results for your keyword phrases, but also details of their backlink profiles.  It’s absolutely indispensable.
  • InfoBarrel: This is a free website where authors can sign up, write articles (at least 325 words), and have their articles published on the site.  InfoBarrel gives the authors a 75%-90% share of the revenue generated through the AdSense advertising that is placed on the article pages.  This site really serves double duty.  It is a great way to easily publish short articles that will provide truly passive income (albeit not a lot per article) for years after they’re written.  Also, it is a PR4 article directory that you can use to create a strong backlink to your niche websites.  You can place up to two self-serving, do-follow links in each article, and you get an author page where you can post more do-follow links.

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